Latte Pro Milk Jug
Latte Pro Milk Jug
Latte Pro Milk Jug

Latte Pro Milk Jug

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A pitcher with a thermometer? You're kidding right? That's just too easy.


Latte Pro Milk Pitcher features areas in both sides of the pitcher with replaceable, stick-on thermometers. This makes the Latte Pro a perfect choice for either right-handers or left-handers, enabling the barista to monitor the milk temperature from either side of the pitcher. The Latte Pro has been designed with an integrated thermometer to prevent the risk of cross-contamination between milk types and hygiene-related issues due to the use of unclean stick thermometers within the milk itself.

With a a comfortable, ergonomic handle and a precise spout for latte art, the Latte Pro is a great choice for the professional or home barista.


- Perfect for both professional and home baristas
- Great for home, office, or commercial kitchen environments
- Ergonomic handle for easy and comfortable pouring
- Compatible with Latte Pro silicone colour grommets for easy identification ofmilk types
- Large liquid crystal, stick-on thermometer for assured accuracy andtemperature consistency
- No calibration required for the thermometer
- Stick-on thermometer perfect for barista training
- Thermometer helps to reduce waste by making it easier to track the milktemperature
- Stick-on thermometer reduces the risk of cross-contamination due to stickthermometers being used across milk types
- Thermometer recess on both sides of the pitcher for easily visibility whilesteaming for both right handed or left handed baristas


- 304 grade stainless steel
- Latte Pro jugs available in 480ml, 600ml