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    Wholesale Coffee Suppliers Brisbane can Depend on

    If you’re looking for the most reliable wholesale coffee suppliers Brisbane has to offer, then stop right there because you’ve found the one. Who are we talking about? Well, that’s Lords Coffee, of course. If you put your trust in us as your Brisbane-based wholesale coffee supplier, then we can guarantee that you will be working with the most passionate company in the market. To say we know a thing or two about coffee would be a massive understatement. In fact, we’ve dedicated our lives to the coffee industry and have proudly been running Lords Coffee for 5 years now. We’ve proven to be masters of our trade in a competitive market by running a successful café and online shop and, last but not least, offering wholesale coffee beans par excellence.

    Brisbane’s Corporate Culture is Coffee Culture

    If you’re looking to cement your office as one of the best places to work in Brisbane, you’re going to need the beans… the coffee beans, that is. Our wholesale coffee operation aspires to achieve great-tasting coffee in offices across all of Brisbane. We’re confident that every business, big or small, would benefit from a wholesale coffee partnership with Lords Coffee so that they can supply employees and clients alike with amazing-tasting coffee every day.

    Mindful Wholesale Coffee Suppliers for Offices in Brisbane

    We’re a forward-thinking bunch, which is why we place a huge emphasis on the sustainability of our goods, from harvest right through to the final product. All our beans are ethically sourced from only the highest-valued harvests in both Brazil and Colombia. Everyone knows that if you’re looking to run a long and successful business, then you need to support environmentally friendly wholesale coffee suppliers. Brisbane’s residents will feel comforted that they are doing their bit for society, all whilst enjoying a cup of pure perfection. But that’s not all, did you know that we support the financial stability of the farms’ workers by paying for our beans two years in advance? We’re all about longevity here at Lords Coffee, and supporting safe and healthy working conditions is just the beginning. So, if you choose to collaborate with us for your wholesale coffee needs, you know that you’ll be looked after.

    Wholesale Coffee Suppliers Brisbane Simply Can’t Resist

    So, what makes Lords Coffee so great that you’ll never want to team up with any other wholesale coffee suppliers in Brisbane? Well, to put it frankly, no one else can beat us on the quality of our produce. Our signature blend didn’t become legendary overnight. Instead, it took a lot of trials and testing to get to where we are today. What we do have now is the perfect balance between a strong yet completely smooth coffee that is guaranteed to delight your senses.

    We also have excellent customer service skills, which only enhance your wholesale coffee experience. No question is too big or too small, so if you want to discuss things further, then an experienced member of the Lords Coffee team would love to hear from you.

    Brisbane’s Favourite Wholesale Coffee Suppliers

    So you’ve decided that Lords Coffee are your preferred wholesale coffee suppliers around Brisbane? Then well done, you’ve made the right choice! What you need to do next is simple, register your company on our website, and bam, all of your details will be saved under your personalised account for a smooth transaction process each and every time. So, what are you waiting for? Make today the day you partner with Lords Coffee for your wholesale requirements.

    The Best Coffee Suppliers in Brisbane

    After crude oil, coffee is the most sought-after commodity in the world, and coffee claims the highest sales for hot drinks in the world market today. It is not surprising when you consider the health benefits - coffee contains antioxidants which lower inflammation and can protect against disease - and the number of people that cannot start their day without their caffeine fix. But it is not always that easy to get over to your favourite cafe for that necessary fix, especially with the busy lives we lead, and nowadays it is not always that affordable to do so either. Buying a coffee out can sometimes leave you feeling disappointed - you wait a long time for it to arrive and when it eventually does it's cold, weak and expensive. So what is the answer?

    Find a reliable Brisbane coffee supplier and make your own brew exactly the way you like it from the comfort of your own home! Not only is it convenient as you can make coffee whenever you want, it is cheaper, and when you buy quality coffee beans from a reputable seller you can be confident that your coffee will consistently taste good every time.

    Lords is a family-run business that is passionate about its products and provides a great customer service. We use high-quality coffee beans from Brazil and Columbia - the two undisputed "lords" of the coffee world - to make our delicious signature blend, and it is the reason we call ourselves Lords Coffee. We ethically source our coffee beans from farms in Mantiqueira (Brazil) and Popayan Reserve (Columbia) which we pay for 2 years in advance ensuring financial security for the farms. The beans are then shipped to our warehouse in Newcastle (NSW) where we roast them ourselves to get that exact same strong and smooth flavour that so many people have come to love and expect from us.

    Looking to Buy Wholesale Coffee in Brisbane?

    Whether you are looking for wholesale options for an office, or you run a business where you want to be able to treat staff and customers to a decent cup of coffee, Lords has everything you need and more on our website. Not only are we the best coffee suppliers you will find in Brisbane, but we also offer a vast array of coffee-making equipment and accessories that will satisfy anybody's coffee needs. And because we understand coffee, and our customer service is next to none, we will also grind up your coffee beans for you to the most suitable size depending on the equipment you are using. So just let us know when you place an order whether you are using a stove top pot, a French Press or filter papers for example, and you will receive your coffee beans ground to perfection!

    Ever Tried Cold Brew Coffee?

    We've all seen tins of pre-prepared cold coffee in shop fridges and probably think it is quite a modern concept. In fact, cold brew coffee originated in Japan where it has been a traditional method of brewing coffee for centuries. Because the ground coffee beans are brewed in cold water over a longer period of time the flavour is a lot less bitter and acidic than hot brewed coffee, plus it can be an extremely refreshing drink in the heat of an Australian summer!

    If you fancy giving it a go you can buy your very own cold brew machinery from us and do the whole process yourself, or alternatively you can order 750mls or 2 litres of our own cold brew concentrated coffee that has been brewed gently at low temperatures using charcoal filtered water for a unique clean and crisp taste. 

    An Energy Boost in Every Cup Of Happiness

    Whatever your coffee preferences, we provide everything you could possibly need to make that perfect barista-style coffee at home that will really impress your friends. From the different styles of brewing and the necessary accessories that go with it, to scheduling deliveries so you never need to worry about running out of coffee again, you can see why Lords really is the best coffee supplier in Brisbane!