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    Imagine if you will this terrible scenario. The craving for a coffee hits, so you head into your kitchen only to find the coffee jar empty. You now have to either go to the supermarket or head to a café where you’ll end up spending $5 or more just for one drink. Not really what you had in mind when you wanted a relaxing coffee at home, well, if you purchase a decaf coffee subscription from us, we’ll send you a new one regularly so you’ll never have to run out, and it’s posted to you, so you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home.

    Customise Your Own Decaf Coffee Subscription

    Depending on how much coffee you get through, we have 250g and 1kg bags to choose from. You can schedule a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly delivery, so whether you have five cups a day or only one, we can accommodate you. You won’t have to worry about running out of coffee, and you’ll save money compared to one-off purchases, so a coffee subscription really is great all around. The more often you schedule your deliveries, the more you’ll save.

    Minus the Caffeine, not the Taste

    Whether you’re a regular decaf drinker or you’re just looking to cut down on caffeine, we don’t think you’ll even tell our beans are decaffeinated. Our decaf beans coffee comes from Colombia, and we all know they produce excellent coffee. Our decaf beans have rich chocolatey notes and no weak flavours like the decaf coffee of a few years ago. We roast them fresh at our Newcastle location, so you get a bold, smooth cup whenever you want one.

    We will also grind them to suit whatever equipment you have at home so they’re ready to use as soon as they arrive. This lets you make coffee exactly to your taste whenever you fancy one. If you need new equipment or want to step up your home barista game, we sell everything to enable you to do that too.

    Ethically Sourced Quality Coffee Beans with Every Decaf Coffee Subscription in Australia

    Whether it’s our signature blend or our decaf ground coffee options, it’s important to us that all our coffee beans are ethically sourced. We don’t agree that anyone should compromise their morals to enjoy great coffee, so we work with suppliers who pay for their beans two years ahead. This provides the growers with financial security so they can provide safe working conditions. They’re quality checked before they arrive, and we did plenty of testing to create the best blends, so you get the best smooth, rich taste without a guilty conscience.

    Your decaf coffee subscription in Australia will be posted straight to you, but if you want to experience the Lords Coffee atmosphere in person, we have a café in Newcastle. You could visit to meet our great staff, savour some delicious food and get some Instagram photos next to our David Bowie mural.

    Any questions about coffee, coffee beans online, coffee subscriptions, or anything else? Use our contact us form, and our customer service team will be in touch to help.

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