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    At Lords Coffee, we worked hard and kept testing to create a signature blend from Brazil and Colombia. That went down a storm with our customers, and recently, we’ve decided to branch out to include those who like single-origin coffee too. Read More

    We Reckon We’ve Found the Best Single Origin Coffee Across the Globe

    We think everyone deserves a Lords Coffee experience. We love to innovate and shock, and we have a background in customer service working in high-end hotels and cafes, so we know how to provide an incredible experience. Both our founders really appreciate a good coffee. That’s why we taste-test all our coffee beans extensively, so we know our customers get a bold, rich, smooth coffee at home every time.

    Does Single Origin Coffee Beans Taste Better Than a Blend?

    We love coffee in all its forms, but there are definite benefits sometimes for a single origin over a blend. Maybe you like your beans to have more diverse flavours. Single origins are fruitier and more exotic ( just like us ), so they’re perfect for those who don’t take milk and sugar and like to savour the taste of their coffee.

    It was very important to us that our coffee beans online were ethically sourced, so we used a supplier with connections who get paid two years in advance for security, as we don’t believe in making money at the expense of people. This means that our blend can be drunk with a clear conscience. These ethical standards apply to our single-origin coffee beans too, and they’re more environmentally friendly as standard. When you choose to buy single-origin coffee, it’s very likely it’s harvested once a year and grown in smaller batches. This helps to preserve biodiversity and bee health. No one wants to be worrying about the impact on the environment every time they caffeinate themselves.

    There’s more and more evidence that drinking coffee regularly has potential great health benefits, from lowering blood pressure to reducing your risk of diabetes. With single origin, you’re going to get the most benefits, it's coffee as pure and natural as it can be.

    Buy Single Origin Coffee Ground From Lords Coffee to See the Difference

    We are your local single-origin roasters here in Australia. Fill up your cart with bold single-origin coffee beans today to get started making coffees at home exactly how you want them. It’s also cheaper than regular café runs, and you can even set up a ground coffee subscription if you’d like to ensure you never run out. We also sell all the best equipment to set up your coffee-making station. We will post out to you, or you can call our Newcastle café to collect your order and meet our fun, friendly team. You could even try out an infamous delicious ‘browny’, which we’ve named after our founder.

    We offer wholesale coffee options, too, so if you run a business or office and want to keep your staff and customers caffeinated and happy, we can help.

    Fill in our contact form if you have any queries, and our helpful staff will get back to you.

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