Decaf Coffee

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    Strong coffee flavour without the effect of caffeine? This is the decaf coffee for you!

    On the Lookout for a Decaf Coffee Delivery in Australia?

    We get it, caffeine isn’t for everyone. Sometimes it doesn’t even give you energy, it just increases your heart rate and makes you feel a bit jittery. Or maybe you love coffee and its types like cold brew coffee or single origin coffee and want to keep drinking it right up until bedtime without losing sleep. Either way, decaf coffee has come a long way in recent years in terms of taste. We think everyone should be able to enjoy the Lords Coffee lifestyle, so we think these advancements are great.

    Our Lords Coffee café was started five and a half years ago and has grown a large loyal following. We have a background in customer service in cafes and five-star hotels, so we create a welcoming atmosphere to enjoy our delicious coffee. Since the pandemic, we’ve begun to offer the option to buy decaffeinated coffee, and caffeinated options, from us online. We now offer decaf coffee delivery across Australia, so more people than ever can enjoy Lords Coffee. Buy our decaf coffee to give it a shot today!

    Our Decaf Ground Coffee Beans Cut out the Caffeine, not the Taste

    We think you won’t even notice that you’re drinking decaf with our coffee. We use the best Colombian beans for a delicious flavour. These beans are rich and dark with chocolatey notes. We roast them fresh in our Newcastle location, so you get the best boldest taste. Until more recently, if you opted for decaf, you had to put up with a coffee with no depth or boldness. That’s not the case anymore, no more compromising on taste with our delicious decaf ground coffee.

    Whatever equipment you’re using, we will grind it to suit your needs. Coffee is so easy to personalise, so whether you like to grind the beans yourself and want them whole or you use a cold brewer at home, we will provide the right grind so you get the perfect cup every time. Buy coffee beans online and make your own coffee at home. This way, you save money, and you get the coffee you want when you want it. No more spending time and money at cafes – unless you want to, of course!

    Buy Ethically Sourced Decaffeinated Coffee or Decaf Coffee Beans in Australia

    Just as we don’t compromise on taste with our decaf coffee beans in Australia, we also don’t compromise on our ethical standards. We think everyone should be able to enjoy excellent coffee without worrying about the workers who made it suffering. We don’t want to make money off the mistreatment of others, so we work with a supplier who has relationships with farms in Brazil and Colombia. They pay for the beans two years in advance, so the growers have financial security, which improves their work and life conditions.

    Once you’ve filled up a cart with our decaf ground coffee, you can choose to have it delivered or pick it up from our Newcastle café. You can enjoy gazing at our David Bowie mural or pick up a delicious ‘Browny’, named after our founder, while you collect your order. If you have it delivered, you can schedule them regularly, so you never have to run out.

    Any questions about decaf or anything else? Fill in our contact form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.