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    Treat Yourself to a Specialty Coffee Subscription in Melbourne

    For some, any old coffee will do. But for others, coffee is more than a simple drink. It's an intoxicating fusion of flavours that puts a spring in your step and a smile on your face. It's a sensory explosion, from the moment you smell the aroma to the instant that first drop of nectar touches your lips.

    Good coffee has long been associated with crowded cafes and long queues. But now you can create that freshly brewed elixir in your own home.

    And, instead of going through the order process every week, fortnight, or month, you can now set up a coffee subscription in Melbourne for a regular supply of seriously delicious coffee delivered right to your door.

    Every coffee lover dreads that moment they realise the coffee has run out. And if you know that unsettling feeling, a coffee subscription will take away that worry - and replace it with excitable anticipation.

    And even though you might be tempted to keep your coffee secrets to yourself, imagine the surprise and delight a loved one will feel if you treat them to a gifted subscription!

    Great for any and all special occasions - or even just to show your appreciation for someone who makes a difference in your life - a coffee bean subscription in Melbourne is a thoughtful and kind gesture that shows how much you care.

    Get Your Melbourne Coffee Subscription With Lords Coffee

    Truly great coffee is freshly ground and full of mouthwatering aromas that tantalise your senses. Here at Lords Coffee, our passion is bringing you incredible coffees, delivered right to your door.

    We've poured years of experience and knowledge into our creations, to ensure that every cup is just as delicious as the last. We monitor all processes with incredibly high standards, guaranteeing consistency between batches.

    Ultimately, when you sign up for a specialty coffee subscription in Melbourne, we believe you should have as wide a range of options as possible. Not all coffee lovers can take caffeine, so we now offer a decaf coffee subscription that tastes just as good as our caffeinated drinks. You can also choose between 500g and 1kg bags, to suit your needs.

    We offer weekly, fortnightly, and monthly coffee subscription options to help keep your cupboard - and your coffee machine - well stocked. On top of that, we offer customised grind options that vary depending on the machine or method you prefer when brewing your perfect coffee.

    Whether you use an Aeropress or a stovetop, whether you prefer to order whole beans or need a grind suitable for cold brewing, we've got the fresh bag of coffee that's right for you.

    Take a look at our coffee options and customise your order for a superior coffee-drinking experience.

    Why Wait? Order Today

    Try our amazing coffee subscription service, and never run out of coffee again!

    Whether you want to wake up with a professional-tasting coffee, without the hassle of cafes, or whether you want to give an extra special gift to someone you care for. Perhaps you want to motivate your employees by providing a flavourful beverage, or perhaps you want to impress your clients in important meetings.

    Lords Coffee pairs well with almost any situation, and a subscription means you'll never forget to place your order again.

    And, to make our offer even better, loyal subscribers may be eligible for a discount on their purchases. to subscribe, we have a minimum 4-cycle order requirement before cancellation. But we believe you'll be so enamoured by your choice of coffee, that cancellation won't even cross your mind!

    Explore the world of amazing coffee and place your coffee subscription in Melbourne today.