How To Use An Aeropress

How To Use An Aeropress

How to Use an AeroPress to Unlock Coffee Mastery

G'day, coffee lovers! Welcome to the world of AeroPress brewing. If haven't already got yourself an AeroPress, go get one now! Because the AeroPress isn't just a coffee maker; it's your versatile coffee companion, for travellers and busy bees alike, and we're here to spill the coffee beans on how to use an AeroPress for a brew-tiful, convenient cup of bliss.

When you're craving that perfect cup of coffee to kickstart your day fast, AeroPress is your ticket to coffee perfection, whether you're camping in the bush or rushing to the office. Compact, portable, and virtually indestructible, it's your ideal travel companion and morning saviour. On the days when the coffee shop line is longer than your morning commute, your alarm didn't do its one job, or your kids are running riot, AeroPress is there for you. In less time than it takes to scroll through your morning emails, you can brew your own top-notch cup of coffee at home or in the office. So, here's how to use an AeroPress to make the perfect espresso.

AeroPress Adventure: How to Use an AeroPress

So, let's get down to business in four simple steps, with the signature touch of Lords Coffee:

Prepare the Filter Paper:

Start by wetting the filter paper. Think of it as giving your AeroPress a refreshing wake-up shower, getting it ready for the day's work.

Water and Coffee Filtering Through Paper Filter

Set Up the Plunger:

Insert the plunger into the shaft. It's like assembling your coffee hero, ready to handle any coffee crisis that comes your way.

Scoop and Pour:

Use the included 14g scooper (the gold standard, no less) to scoop your coffee into that shaft. Pour boiling water halfway, give it a good stir to get all the coffee wet, then continue pouring to the very top.

Lock and Brew:

Twist on the filter cap, set your timer for 3 minutes, contemplate life, and at the 2-minute 30-second mark, start the plunge. Push it down over your coffee cup until all that coffee goodness is out.

Customise Your Coffee to Perfection

If it's a sweltering day, why not ditch the classic hot brew and pour your fresh coffee over ice. You've just discovered the secret to the perfect iced coffee! And if you hate black coffee or prefer a touch of luxury, add a splash or milk, dollop of cream, or throw in some sticky syrup. It's like putting a cherry on top of your morning routine.

Visual Guides on How to Use Your AeroPress on YouTube

We understand that reading instructions is nowhere near as exciting as enjoying your coffee. That's why you can head over to our Lords Coffee YouTube channel for a short and sweet step-by-step video guide on "How to Use an AeroPress." It's the ultimate coffee tutorial for the modern coffee enthusiast, with expert advice and a dash of our signature humour. It's up on our Instagram too!

And there you have it! The AeroPress is more than a coffee maker; it's your trusty companion on the quest for the perfect cup of coffee. Whether you're a globetrotter or a coffee connoisseur, it's time to dive into the world of AeroPress magic. Don't just make coffee; make coffee great with Lords Coffee.

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